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Sufina Akhtar

Benefit Advisor cum Accounts Assistant

Sufina Akhtar Biography

Sufina Akhtar joined Narthex in 2019 as an Account Assistant. Her sheer hard work and capability to multi task has led her to become a Money Advisor too. Proud recipient of Level three CMA Awards in Debt Advice, she is currently supporting clients with Benefits, Grants, Housing benefits, in hopes of providing them with a safe environment physically and mentally. With her very empathetic nature Sufina has also chosen to study counselling where she has the opportunity to further develop her abilities to better serve the community.

As a loving wife and mother of four, Sufina is determined to provide assistance to others and help change their life for the better. She often uses her own experience with hardship and suffering to help empathise with others and provide well thought out advice by utilising what she has learned throughout her own. Sufina is a well organised and dedicated individual with many aspirations for herself and the future of Narthex.

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