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Information, Advice & Guidance

The results achieved through Narthex’s holistic approach in supporting clients, have moved the charity into providing a wider range of service than envisaged at the inception of MDA services. Specifically, providing a wider range of information, advice and guidance to address the causes of indebtedness and support clients to break the cycle. Working with their designated IAG advisor, clients can outline and discuss their required outcomes in greater depth, allowing the advisor to identify and propose potential pathways to meet those needs. This supports a strengths-based approach of personal independence, resilience, ability to make choices and holistic wellbeing.

Supporting the individual to step across to other services is more successful in achieving better desired outcomes, reduces the impact on mental health for individuals feeling overwhelmed and is more likely to break the debt cycle they are experiencing.

Narthex has a robust network of peer agencies, community and faith-based groups and civic and NHS agencies. Referrals to Narthex occur through these multiple sources, as well as client word-of-mouth. The aim for Narthex is to use its knowledge and experience to work with all potential partners to combat the source of the challenges for clients. This, in turn lessens, the requirements for fundamental deficit-based support – food security, fuel poverty, debt, housing issues, isolation – and move to a more holistic and fulfilling approach – community support, additional skills, etc.