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Narthex Pantry- Your Local Pantry

For a reasonable weekly membership fee, The Narthex Pantry provides fresh and wholesome food while repurposing high-quality food that would otherwise go bad. Not just individuals in need can participate in the community-led Food Pantry programme. In these hard times, with food prices on the rise, the Pantry provides dignity and choice. The Narthex Pantry membership is available for as little as £5 per week. You get to select a maximum of ten food products, valued at approximately £15, for this, including meat, fresh produce, and grocery store staples.

Over the past ten years, Your Local Pantry membership has improved the lives of over 90,000 people in 100 neighbourhoods in the UK. By bringing people together around food, pantries mitigate the effects of high living expenses and foster the growth and well-being of their communities.
Pantries are strengthening communities, fostering friendships, loosening the grip of poverty and
contributing to healthier, happier lives.