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Matt Holt

Warehouse & Logistics Co-ordinator

Matt Holt Biography

Matthew joined Narthex Sparkhill as a volunteer during the first week of the UK Covid 19 lockdown proceedings back in 2020 at a time that many were in a position of isolation, this was a new and unexpected challenge. This came as a significant change in the career of Matthew, who had previously worked in the service industry with over 15 years’ experience as a Head Chef in and around Birmingham which helped to nurture his intercultural communication skills, alongside a strong confidence in leadership, logistics and decision making.  

He now leads the supporting infrastructure and distribution at Sparkhill Foodbank and Resource Centre with a priority of maximising effort to his counterpart Sophie Swaine who heads the client experience with her open and warm reception.

Matthew enjoys the incredibly motivated and positive attitude to whatever task is ahead by the amazing people invested in service to our communities.If you arrive early and quietly, you may be blessed enough to find him dancing and singing along with the radio while setting up in the warehouse! 

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