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We Help around the world

Introduse Our Campains

June 1st – Volunteers Week

Volunteers are the backbone of Narthex and we are proud and privileged to host a barbecue spread for our Volunteers as a token of appreciation for all that they do.

Apr 7th – World Health Day

Working with vulnerable people can be daunting. A session on working with trauma for Narthex staff and volunteers has been arranged in partnership with M.E.L. Research.

July: Health & Safety Training Month

Investing in everyone’s wellbeing because we care! Narthex is excited to announce a series of FREE health and safety training sessions available to all our employees. Here at Narthex, we believe our team’s well-being is paramount, and these sessions are designed to...

August : Barbecue for Volunteers

Celebrating Our Amazing Volunteers! Mark your calendars as we prepare to celebrate the presence and support of our amazing volunteers who share their time, efficiency and generosity with Narthex. Like every year, this August too, we'd love to invite our incredible...

September: National Food Bank Day

Contribute as we run a food donation drive! This is marked on the first Friday of September which is on 6th September this year. Hunger is a continuing problem in our global community and National Food Bank Day is a reminder for everyone to be mindful of this fact and...