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Rajna Begum

Team Lead, MDA

Rajna Begum Biography

Rajna Begum has been with Narthex since 2019 and currently leads the Money and Debt Advice, managing key projects like the Money Debt Advice and IAG. She feels both humbled and elated in serving as a Trustee for The Yardley Great Trust Group. Excelling in financial regulations, debt management, welfare matters and negotiations, she develops personalised plans and fosters trust with strong communication. Committed to continuous learning, Rajna empowers individuals to regain financial control. With 10 previous years of experience in this field, she rose to Senior Welfare Advice Practitioner, she graduated with Level 4 Skills in the Workplace in 2019 and completed CMA Level 3 and 4 Awards in Casework/Specialist Debt Advice and her Insolvency Training in 2022. A devoted wife and mother of four, Rajna finds joy in aiding others and personal growth as a humble Muslim. Rajna’s dedication to helping others, fosters trust and empathy, both professionally and personally, she aims to bring relief and happiness to others at Narthex.

On a personal note, she enjoys an active session at her local gym sweating it out with kickboxing and Zumba numbers!

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