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Noorjahan Begum

Money, Debt and IAG Advisor

Noorjahan Begum Biography

Noorjahan Begum is a Money, Debt and IAG Advisor, who started her professional journey with Narthex in November 2023. She brings10 years of skills and experience with her. She assists clients who have language barriers, social issues and/or are computer illiterate, with completing welfare benefit forms, housing applications forms online, negotiating with energy companies, debt advice and setting up payment plans and the list goes on!

Once upon a time she herself was on welfare benefits and that’s how she chose to work in this field. She was sent to gain some work experience to an office who dealt with Benefits and was supposed to be there for 8 weeks only but and guess what! She stayed put for 10 years! Helping and assisting others is what brings her happiness, joy and she feels it is very rewarding seeing the smile and gratitude from her clients!

She is a people’s person and enjoys socialising and interacting with people. A single mother to 3 boys her time is devoted between her family and work. She loves going out to eat with her friends and family, she enjoys a good cinema every now and then or just chilling with her loved ones!

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