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Your Support is Vital To Narthex

Money & Debt Advice

Our free MDA service offers debt management strategies and personalized guidance to get you back on track financially.

Information, Advice and Guidence

Our IAG service is here to help you find the right support and navigate your way forward.

Resource Centre

Resource Centre offers pre-loved household items and clothes ensuring warmth and dignity for those in need.

Food Bank

Our Food banks provide vital assistance to those in need, offering free groceries and helping fight hunger in communities.



Core Values



We want to see Birmingham being changed for the better − a city in which thriving, self-sustaining communities and individuals empower each other to flourish. A place where economic prosperity goes hand-in-hand with environmental and social well-being.



We want to see Birmingham lives being changed for the better as we work in partnership with the people we serve, helping them to realise their potential and then to become agents of community-transformation themselves.



Compassion: We recognise challenges and respond with empathy and care.
Safety: We provide an environment where all feel protected and supported.
Respect: We treat everyone with dignity, regardless of their circumstances.
Affirmation: We serve everyone, regardless of faith or background.
Inclusion: We work hard to create a society where everyone feels valued.

Supporting Communities in

Empowerment + Accountability

Thriving. Self Sustaining. Community Living

Narthex provides a flexible range of support services for the most isolated and disadvantaged members of our community. We constantly adapt and improve our programs to best address deprivation and enhance quality of life, ensuring no one is left behind.

Information, Advice & Guidance

Taking Support to the Next Level.

Immediate Resources

Provision of Food, Clothing and Household Items.

Money and Debt Advice

Support to Maximise Income and Lower/Manage Debts.

Events Calendar for the year 2024

Marketing and Awarness Campaign

July: Health & Safety Training Month

Investing in everyone’s wellbeing because we care! Narthex is excited to announce a series of FREE health and safety training sessions available to all our employees. Here at Narthex, we believe our...

August : Barbecue for Volunteers

Celebrating Our Amazing Volunteers! Mark your calendars as we prepare to celebrate the presence and support of our amazing volunteers who share their time, efficiency and generosity with Narthex....

September: National Food Bank Day

Contribute as we run a food donation drive! This is marked on the first Friday of September which is on 6th September this year. Hunger is a continuing problem in our global community and National...

Become A Volunteer

Contribute to the Community Apply Here

About You

You are passionate and committed with a firm belief in the cause and genuinely interested in the mission of the charity and want to make a positive impact. You are dedicated and reliable and show up for your shifts, willing to put in the time and effort required. You have great interpersonal skills and clear communications.

Key Roles

Direct Service that involves working at our Foodbanks or Resource Centre. Be an advocate and create awareness about important social issues and our campaigns for positive change. Help us with event planning and management to raise funds or promote our cause. Sharing your professional skills and expertise to support Narthex.

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering can help you develop new skills, gain valuable experience, and build your resume. Learning new things and mastering tasks can give you a confidence boost and a sense of accomplishment. Volunteering connects you with new people who share your interests, fostering friendships and professional relationships. Overall, volunteering is a win-win situation. You contribute to worthy causes while gaining valuable personal and professional benefits.

Client's Opinions

We strive to bring a positive impact to our clients. We respond quickly and productively. We use data and feedback to guide our course.

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